Melaka Magazine Advertisement


“Is there still something to look forward to if I go for a Melaka magazine advertisement?” That’s a very valid question. After all, isn’t the Internet extremely enticing? Haven’t you heard about businesses that are supposed to be earning a lot of money by online ads?

But to answer your question, the answer is a resounding yes. You simply need to look at international brands such as Vogue and Cosmo that have been in circulation for many years with no sign of slowing down. Almost every page, on the other hand, has been paid by hundreds of thousands of dollars by some of the biggest syndicated products and companies in the world.


In Malaysia, especially in Melaka, you have your own version, and it’s called Metroliv. The magazine is a fresh take on print advertisement with its innovative approach to layout, design, and the whole marketing methodology.

A Melaka magazine advertisement, for example, is guaranteed with strategic layout and equally stunning design that will surely satiate the visual senses of your target audience, compelling them, at the very least, to get to know your brand a little bit more. You are also backed by a very able team whose depth of knowledge in brand awareness, build-up, and recognition is unwarranted. With their high level of expertise and years of experience in the field, you are assured your products are marketed to the right audience.

To give you a glimpse of their Melaka magazine advertisement, you can check out their e-magazine. You can also view their portfolio that is now being shared across different social media sites such as Flickr and Pinterest. 

To keep in touch with them, you may add them in FacebookYou can make the most of your Melaka magazine advertisement by working with the right people.