Flyer Distribution Service


Nothing spells older than print advertising as far as marketing is concerned. It’s been around since time immemorial! But here’s the thing: does it still work today?

There are still plenty of reasons to put your faith on print, especially since they still have the most tried-and-tested methods. They have proven their worth time and time again, as evident by the continuous popularity of credible newspaper and magazine brands.

Nevertheless, since competition is tough, it also pays to pick the best team to work with you. In this case, go for Metroliv.

Metroliv is one of the up-and-coming magazines that offer several commercial advertising opportunities for businesses, whether large or micro. It has its own e-magazine and helps enterprise owners set up their own print promotions. Besides these, it also offers a flyer distribution service.

The team is behind every step of the flyer distribution service process. They sit down with you as you talk about your main objectives for the print materials. They collaborate and brainstorm with you. They help you set milestones for convenient tracking and transparency.


They are composed of an elite group of designers that can produce attractive layouts, photos, graphics, and other visuals that mix aesthetics and message. They deliver the punch that you need that can capture the attention of your potential audience.

The team then assists you in identifying the best areas where these flyers shall be distributed. Not all flyers will be read—that’s the truth—but you increase the chances of doing so when they’re handed out to where your leads can be found.

The work doesn’t stop there. They are your partners when it comes to evaluating and analyzing the outcome of the campaign.

The fact is, there’s no such thing as an outdated method. The one thing that spells the success—or failure—of any campaign is the people behind it. To win, work with Metroliv.